Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MyVi, limited edition for women

Many car manufacturers group that focuses on the situation and indicate the appropriate drivers and vehicles that are synonymous with the character of the nation in the women's dreams.

Now, Egyptian connections, the sustainable development of the secondary industries, Inc. (steam 2) the promotion of 1.3 myvi high Mvvi (initiative) and the modern feminist movement is way more limited availability, and other programs.

Shape of the head of the local Rashiddosare place to meet the needs of children and women and the needs of both cities to come.
Besides the beautiful colors. As a group, and various property

"We are in your windshield. (To understand women in urban areas should receive priority for women.
"We offer all types of glass. Driver," she said in a statement said.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Comparison between MyVi and Viva

Many of you, Perodua few days I saw a new ad. Perodua Kelisa Kancil and a new version released their older models, respectively. Rumor has it, the new Perodua D18B Puroduabiba names become.
What is it, how many? How fast are you? What does it mean for a model? How much what? How many kilometers per liter? ... If you have questions about Puroduabiba infinite.

dig the most common questions, more information about Perodua cars near me Puroduadira to answer our troops more information. Here are some of our information about the Perodua myvi Puroduabiba because it is not much time should be sufficient.

The advantages againts Perodua myvi Puroduabiba
1 Slightly longer length of the interior
2 Good fuel economy (17.4 km / liter) was Cheap
3 (of course).
(* * Rumors of RM38k 1.0HG) is
4 Big Brake Light (Kenari I want.)

Disadvantages for Puroduabiba Perodua myvi
1 A little less generous in width
2 850cc mini-cars and versions can not
3 Design, less attractive (beauty is useful, the eye of the beholder)Part
4 of the cost reduction potential?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Secondhand myvi? what you need to know more if you wish to buy used car

There is a need for - 10 PUSPAKOM path --.

What you're buying the program. Useful in the car. Here's what the measures. Is very important if you have if you do not sell as quickly as that. First to make sure that the car in a timely manner.

First, make sure that the car is standard.
• Some car manufacturers use counterfeit record this fact should not obscure the pembeli.Ini car project seems to be used by users to open another program or face the digital so that you can request a fraud should not worry, be independent. The transfer of spatial resolution.
Less than 30,000 meters read verification • term tires. It can be used in the rubber strip to less than 30000 km, depending on the type of care during 60,000 45,000 km Torukukiro.
• contact the owner of origin. We have a car the latest Palestinian and money.

• changes in traffic accidents are the dealer or the owner alone. If you are involved in a car accident, which can be checked manually for you.
• to ensure in particular that the front and the engine. Different and less safe to reduce accounts payable.
Please note at the site of the door
• Another part of Knocking door to door in his hand.
Sound of car accidents breaking the foreign influence and doors.
• Band and measuring the body: Institute of the left and right wheels, you do not know the difference. The distance between large enterprises. And not in the right front wheel the car involved in this incident proves. Tips to achieve balance and stability of this

Three black, especially in cars.
• out of the car black fast and saved the Ministry of Transport (JPJ) free access to all data.
Driver • not in control of the car PUSPAKOM generator to comply with the test car PUSPAKOM agreement to buy in Italy

Pause for a moment to check the car before interest after recognition. Interest payments and regret

Sunday, July 4, 2010

talks about world of proton

Proton verify this story. Scientific discoveries, the development of highly profitable, the current column, please refer to the new technology, we all know. Future science terobosan, increase the number of lovers of knowledge can not live. Discovery platform and a more distant future will be a violation of positive protons. History dates back to the early 20th century. Appears linked to a series of names and descriptions of the proton.

Proton method, even when the track slowly and gradually, is not found right? Proton, in the end, many scientists is the perfect location. Some Thomson, found associated with the name of Rutherford and Chadwick. However, many sources, Anesutorazafodo is identified as the first clear evidence of the existence of a proton. Full-time work and study, scientists from throwing their weight, look, make scientific discoveries to a new level.

Rutherford, a man not just search for proton, β and α radiation condition he discovered. He also reflects the earthwork has been in violation of the scientific point of view the first active nuclei. Detailed theoretical explanation of their work, the radioactive material, especially if you change the definition, Rutherford was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. His reward in the world in 1908, began to implement a large-scale chemical evolution.

Proton nuclear radioaktivitas expert who discovered the science behind human experts. Theory is the idea of compiling some of the most common reason. He is a benchmark work in this area is to understand. In the world of science in a very long time, a mysterious voice community, it is clear to conquer the new research. His work in Rutherford and many scientists are assumed to explore scientific topics that interest them.

Scientists, and the delivery of protons from New Zealand have found a degree. He was born in 1871 completed the race, the game is watching the financial problems of unemployment. To secure employment as a teacher, as an alternative to hard to understand, the grass was green in the UK. It has several universities of Cambridge and Manchester. It is so designed to teach future scientists and take, he is a professor of educational expansion. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, it has become an important contribution to the physical signs. He added that the knighthood awarded to the credit card business. Rutherford died in 1937.

I hope to enjoy the benefits of writing my post, too.

tips fuel saver for myvi

the best tips to save your myvi fuel

Tip 1: Increase your gearshifts

Shift down at 1000 rpm
Rub on to the next tooth in the vicinity of 2000 rpm and the diesel vehicles in 2.400 rpm
petrol-engine vehicles
* At 50kph, you should be in fourth or fifth tooth.

Tip 2: Drive smoothly

Defending a fixed speed as quickly as possible (from 40kph)
Rem rem machine and use your feet as little as possible.
* At 50kph in fifth teeth, lifting the gas pedal 100 meters before the red light.

Tip 3: Think about how you accelerate

Up to 50kph, it is better to accelerate quickly up to fifth tooth
At speeds in excess of 50kph, acceleration should be smooth
* Change the teeth very quickly up to fifth teeth.

Tip 4: ramp and descent

Save to the same speed as downhill
On uphill gradients, leaving the warehouse train speed, but without a barrier for other road users. If possible, keep your vehicle stable at speeds over 40kph
* Use seed to take your foot from the gas pedal, not to increase speed.

Tip 5: Use your motor intelligent

Turn off your engine if you stop for more than a minute
Never warm up your engine even in winter
* Pull the machine was so eager to go

Tip 6: treated with vehicle

Check your tire pressure every month
If you must use the AC, make sure that the difference between the temperature in your vehicle and outside is not too large (5ïŋ-C maximum)
Do not leave all unnecessary load in your vehicle
Remove roof bars and roof when not in use place.
* Using the service is accurate and truthful about your vehicle is as important as eco-driving.
tres before the red light.

Facts on new faces tastes MyVi meet young people.

Here are my thoughts about kereta MyVi!
Perodua has launched two updated models to provide greater diversification of the freshness and variety of products in the market for compact cars. A rumor that says that the new Perodua MPV was born to complete with new proton MPV, Exora. So, I decided to search for and share all things to all people here.
According to sources, two models are updated MyVi and Viva which is currently the best selling model in Malaysia with their sales of 7.048 units and 6.671 units in March.
The introduction of two new faces in line with the strategy of the Perodua is making modifications to continue too meet consumer tastes. Perodua launched several models ‘facelift’ (the updated model) and the model has the potential to be the new of the MyVi and Viva.
Perodua is currently updating the last touch on the two models involve. Indeed the excitement of launch has created a new momentum, boosting the confidence of consumers of Perodua cars.
It is understood, for the renewal of MyVi model, Perodua will be using the bodies of new generation model Toyota Passo. Engine power capacity also increased 1.5 liters from 1.0 liters and 1.3 liters equipped MyVi model existing in the market.
In addition, several internal and external changes are also reflected by the current trend to meet the tastes of young people and it is said to be creating an atmosphere of popularity among new compact car in the country.